Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Race Day Results

I meant to post my race results on Saturday, but the day gave me the rare gift of a mother/daughter day with Amabel and I had to jump at it. After I arrived home and got cleaned up, Miss Amabel and I headed out for our girls' morning. We stopped for coffee and then headed to GapKids, where there happen to be cute and age appropriate clothes for little girls for a change and where I also had $20 credit and a coupon for 40% off sale. We snagged two really darling dresses and a cute appliqued ballet tee for under $30. Afterward, we went to the Half Price Bookstore (oh how I love thee, Half Price Books!) and found us some goodies. We rounded off the morning with a lunch at Gateway Market, our local organics market with an oh-so-posh cafe adjacent, where kids eat free on weekends (they lose big bucks to our family nearly every Sunday!). It was a great time with my girl.

Here I am now though, and try not to laugh. I never said I was fast. I finished though. The entire second mile was uphill- a long, gradual hill that slowly wound its way around the capital building- and I was forced to give myself a one minute walking break about four minutes into it. But out of 3.3 miles, I only walked for a minute, so I guess that's better than it could've been. It is. It's better than a lot of people who beat me. See, that's how it was in cross country in high school too. I'd be way back with all the slow pokes and they would give up and walk while I jogged steadily on. And right as I would catch up to them, off they would dart, rested and ready to go. So it was on Saturday, only I was running with a crew that was generally less competitive than high school cross country runners. My worst time ever in high school cross country was a mortifying 32 minutes at the very beginning of the season. Well, 32 minutes would have been delightful on Saturday, but I will just tell y'all, because I have no pride left, I finished in 40 minutes exactly (which was my goal time to beat! Huray!). I know you don't believe that I ran the whole way and still somehow managed to need 40 minutes to finish, but it's true. And yes, you probably could've walked faster than that. But no one did. I was definitely the last of the runners, there was a truck about twenty yards behind me with a speaker that would drive along and tell the policemen directing traffic, "This is the last of the runners! There are no more runners! There are walkers coming though. Please continue to stop traffic for another fifteen minutes. This is the last of the runners, but walkers are coming!" I never looked back to be sure, but I think "the last of the runners" referred to more than just me, #498, but, like I said, I never looked back to see. Still, I was a "runner" and not a "walker" and that makes me proud.

So I gave myself a two day break and today I am back to training, this time for a 10K at the end of August. The goal again is just to finish, and I will come up with a goal time as the day approaches. I've got eight weeks, and I think I have a shot! I'll let you know how it's going. For anyone interested, I followed this training program for the 5K (which is perfect for a non-runner beginner, but will really only have you trained to finish. it is challenging without being sadistic) and I have begun this program for the 10K.

I share because you really can't be any worse off than me. If I can do it, you can do it. And you can be proud of your time because you will almost certainly take less time than me even if only because you surely weigh less than me and have longer legs. If you are looking for motivation, let this be it :) Beat Abby!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Temporary insanity

It's raining and I can hear thunder rumbling not too far away. And here I am in downtown Des Moines fixing to attempt a 5K. What am I thinking? How did I get here? What on earth made me think I could do this? See you at the finish

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