Saturday, July 23, 2011

HGTV's Only Gem

When I first graduated from college and started "making a home," I used to watch HGTV a lot and look at different home magazines and catalogs. In recent years though, I haven't generally looked at home decor stuff anymore because I find that it fosters discontent in my heart. But some of my nervous energy lately went into thinking hopefully about a permanent job that might finally allow us to buy a home and I went back into daydreaming about design. Well, home buying is still a ways off for the Edema family, but in my premature planning, I discovered Genevieve.

Basically, 99% of what is on HGTV today is boring and irrelevant. House Hunters?! Are you serious?! Watching someone else buy a house is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Who is this show for? And Curb Appeal is basically one very style specific designer uglying up the yards of Atlanta with horizontal wood configurations. Design on a Dime could be accurately subtitled "how to shop the clearance collection at Target and World Market to give your home a cheap, tasteless look." But amid all of those duds is a delight, Dear Genevieve.

I know that a lot of people have their favorite design blogs or magazines that seem to "get them" perfectly. For a while, I would browse and pull an idea from here or an idea from there, but I still didn't quite know for sure what I was after. I wish Genevieve did makeovers all over the country, and that our home was our own so I could actually invite her, because I have never found anything that appeals to me stylistically quite like what Gen does. Check her out on HGTV at 3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, through the link above, or on Hulu.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Quick Summer Read

Amabel has read Ella Enchanted this summer and fallen in love with the book. I read it too, and I must say that it is delightful. I have always thought the movie with Anne Hathaway is cute. It is no surprise that the movie is quite different and steals some from the Disney cartoon Robin Hood of all things (you know, the one with the fox?! it's awesome too!), but I allowed it anyway. My children love it. It somehow escaped the return bag to the library so the fine we will end up paying will likely be almost the cost of buying it on DVD ourselves, but it has been watched many a time and never gets old for them. Today I declared a no Wii and no TV afternoon and later heard them in the girls' room play pretending Ella Enchanted. You know they are really enamored when they stop playing Mario (another hilarious sight, to see all the Beanie Babies running for their lives from King Boo). Both the movie and the book are darling, but of course, the book is better. It is a Newberry Honor winner, a Cinderella story (if you didn't guess that from the title), and just a good old fashioned fairy tale full of elves, ogres, and fairies. You'll find it in the Junior Fiction section of your library or here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretzel Goldfish

are my current favorite snack. They even make M&Ms better. How is that even possible? And how is it that they are so much better than any other pretzel? The world may never know.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rest for the Weary

I've been quite negligent in my writing lately. I am out of practice and I am thinking this post will show it! I have been writing recipes this summer for a website. Unfortunately, I haven't published any of them because I am having terrible writer's block over the copy. (Copy is journalism speak for the story/information/whatever on the page- in this case, the stuff that goes with the recipe). Also, I am still recovering from a pretty bad burn. During the two years that George was searching for a job, all but one of the family I grew up in ceased to be part of our lives. We were not just forsaken, we were insulted and attacked in our "darkest hour." It has come to rights since- as right as it will ever be- and it has taught me a lot about mercy and grace. But that's not even the burn I'm talking about. I had a friend who I relied on quite heavily during that time. Many of my oldest and dearest friends were quite a long distance away, people I don't get to see but once or twice a year, s0 I leaned more and more on a friend who was closer to me geographically. I pretty much signed her up to be my best friend and didn't realize she was just being polite. It ended badly, just with a big unexpected explosion on the friend's part and a lot of embarrassment and sadness on my part. Anyway, because of how badly things went last time I have mostly opted to internalize recent stress. I have also been on a low dosage of anxiety medication and that has helped hugely.

But today we had good news. Great news! And I am hoping the blessings God has given our family will wash over me and renew me and my spirit.

We're staying in Des Moines. And I have to say, I love Des Moines. I love that I have yet to find an ounce of pretension in this city. I love that people are friendly but that they're sincere. I can't imagine ever mistaking politeness for friendship in the people I have met here. I love that walking down the street isn't hard to distinguish from a fashion show. I love that no one has a preconceived idea of who I am as a "Southerner-" they're neither ready to roll their eyes nor expecting to be wowed. I love that there are seasons and that my closet now necessitates both snow boots and flip flops and that I get equal wear from both. I love that I can get where I need to go without being exhausted and anxiety ridden from traffic. I love that we have both a beach and an outdoor ice skating rink, and that I have been both to the ballet and to an eighteenth century barn still stocked with hay, horses, pigs, and cows, and that all of these destinations are within ten minutes of my home! I really can't imagine liking a place more. I do miss my friends from far away, but you are all welcome here any time.

I have hopes that the bulk of the anxiety I have felt from homeschooling and from fear of whether or not we will be able to buy groceries in a month will be gone now and that I will be able to write more. But at least for today, there is peace and joy in my heart. Yes, we can and do have this every day because of Christ, but we all know that there are realistic, legitimate, and practical concerns that need answers. We are so grateful for the answer the Lord has given us today. I just wanted to check in and say that we're staying in Des Moines and that we're so happy. God is good no matter what, but today it is easy to believe.

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