Saturday, July 23, 2011

HGTV's Only Gem

When I first graduated from college and started "making a home," I used to watch HGTV a lot and look at different home magazines and catalogs. In recent years though, I haven't generally looked at home decor stuff anymore because I find that it fosters discontent in my heart. But some of my nervous energy lately went into thinking hopefully about a permanent job that might finally allow us to buy a home and I went back into daydreaming about design. Well, home buying is still a ways off for the Edema family, but in my premature planning, I discovered Genevieve.

Basically, 99% of what is on HGTV today is boring and irrelevant. House Hunters?! Are you serious?! Watching someone else buy a house is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Who is this show for? And Curb Appeal is basically one very style specific designer uglying up the yards of Atlanta with horizontal wood configurations. Design on a Dime could be accurately subtitled "how to shop the clearance collection at Target and World Market to give your home a cheap, tasteless look." But amid all of those duds is a delight, Dear Genevieve.

I know that a lot of people have their favorite design blogs or magazines that seem to "get them" perfectly. For a while, I would browse and pull an idea from here or an idea from there, but I still didn't quite know for sure what I was after. I wish Genevieve did makeovers all over the country, and that our home was our own so I could actually invite her, because I have never found anything that appeals to me stylistically quite like what Gen does. Check her out on HGTV at 3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, through the link above, or on Hulu.


Matt Churnock said...

Remember the days when both Genevieve and Verne were on Trading Spaces with Paige Davis? Those were good times.

My wife watches House Hunters all the time. But you're right, I am not sure of the appeal.

I get hooked on Design Star. That's my guilty pleasure.

Abby said...

I watched Design Star last night for the first time. I can see the appeal of that for sure. I just wonder why they are looking for design stars when all they ever show is house hunting shows! Yes! I do remember Genevieve on Trading Spaces with Vern! I was excited to see them "reunited" last night on Design Star :) But I don't miss Trading Spaces. That was always kind of cheap and unfortunate- plywood couches and mosaic fireplaces and whatnot. But I loved it at the time!

Matt Churnock said...

I was busy looking at Paige to notice any plywood couches...

I know it's not HGTV, but what's your take on Master Chef?

Abby said...

I haven't seen Master Chef. I do enjoy Top Chef on Bravo and Next Food Network Star so I am guessing I would like it too. When is it on? What do you think about it?

Matt Churnock said...

even though it has the same elements as all bad reality tv (drama for drama sake and strawman arguments) it has a authentic feel. While I don't really care for the idea of the 'home chefs' competing for the top prize (since the only reason they do that is for the sentimental factor) I love the depth of cooking they take the show to. Not sure when it is on since I watch most of my tv on hulu, but you can check it out there.

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