Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretzel Goldfish

are my current favorite snack. They even make M&Ms better. How is that even possible? And how is it that they are so much better than any other pretzel? The world may never know.


Fittsy said...

Thanks for the reminder. I love pretzel goldfish too, and I'm sure they're GREAT with m&m's - salty and sweet, mmm boy!

Off to add them to my grocery list!


Abby said...

they're on special for $1.75 at target right now if you find yourself there.

Linda said...


PTL that you all get to stay in Des Moines! Hope you will be able to feel settled for a long time! BTW, have you tried the new pretzel M&Ms? They are addictive!

Renee said...

salty + sweet. Nothing better.

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