Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Quick Summer Read

Amabel has read Ella Enchanted this summer and fallen in love with the book. I read it too, and I must say that it is delightful. I have always thought the movie with Anne Hathaway is cute. It is no surprise that the movie is quite different and steals some from the Disney cartoon Robin Hood of all things (you know, the one with the fox?! it's awesome too!), but I allowed it anyway. My children love it. It somehow escaped the return bag to the library so the fine we will end up paying will likely be almost the cost of buying it on DVD ourselves, but it has been watched many a time and never gets old for them. Today I declared a no Wii and no TV afternoon and later heard them in the girls' room play pretending Ella Enchanted. You know they are really enamored when they stop playing Mario (another hilarious sight, to see all the Beanie Babies running for their lives from King Boo). Both the movie and the book are darling, but of course, the book is better. It is a Newberry Honor winner, a Cinderella story (if you didn't guess that from the title), and just a good old fashioned fairy tale full of elves, ogres, and fairies. You'll find it in the Junior Fiction section of your library or here.


Fittsy said...

I adore book recommendations. I'm adding this one to my ever expanding list, and I think I'll look for that Robin Hood at our library. I think my chickens will like something new on our enormously long car trip next week!

Renee said...

Thanks for the great summer reading you recommended for me on my blog! That was so helpful! Unfortunately, I am up to my eyeballs in homeschool planning now. But when things cool down in the fall I am going to take your suggestions and try each one. Think my boys would like to read Ella Enchanted? If not, I'll save it for Lydie. Good to know! BTW, did Whitney deliver my little gift?

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