Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Puppy or Baby?

So, I was at the Farmer's Market with some girls from church on Sunday and one of them was walking along with me and we both exclaimed delightedly at the same time "Awww!" It only took me a few seconds to realize that we were awing at different things. She was awing at a dog. She told me she is really wanting a dog these days. I was awing at a baby. I know I'm supposed to be over wanting a baby, and I am for the most part, but I just visited my one-year-old niece so I have been bitten by the baby bug anew. Anyway, even if I was totally reconciled to never having a baby again, I would never "awww" at a dog. I am not what we would call a dog person. Or a cat person. I'm just not an animal person. (Jimmy Blue Bean being the one shining exception).

Later on, we ran into some other friends from church at the Farmer's Market and one of them had a friend with them with a puppy. As we stopped and chatted, I was astounded by how many strangers stopped to ooh and ah over the dog. They asked all kinds of questions. They petted. They kissed. They swarmed. Meanwhile, I was totally bored with the dog (sorry, I was!) and I began to look around and noticed so many babies. And no one was kissing the babies. No one was waving and smiling and asking the babies' names. Sure, people do sometimes, but not, it seems, when puppies are also present.

SO.... my question for you is puppy? or baby? In a situation where both puppies and babies are in supply, which one would you notice? Which one would intrigue or delight you?

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