Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Puppy or Baby?

So, I was at the Farmer's Market with some girls from church on Sunday and one of them was walking along with me and we both exclaimed delightedly at the same time "Awww!" It only took me a few seconds to realize that we were awing at different things. She was awing at a dog. She told me she is really wanting a dog these days. I was awing at a baby. I know I'm supposed to be over wanting a baby, and I am for the most part, but I just visited my one-year-old niece so I have been bitten by the baby bug anew. Anyway, even if I was totally reconciled to never having a baby again, I would never "awww" at a dog. I am not what we would call a dog person. Or a cat person. I'm just not an animal person. (Jimmy Blue Bean being the one shining exception).

Later on, we ran into some other friends from church at the Farmer's Market and one of them had a friend with them with a puppy. As we stopped and chatted, I was astounded by how many strangers stopped to ooh and ah over the dog. They asked all kinds of questions. They petted. They kissed. They swarmed. Meanwhile, I was totally bored with the dog (sorry, I was!) and I began to look around and noticed so many babies. And no one was kissing the babies. No one was waving and smiling and asking the babies' names. Sure, people do sometimes, but not, it seems, when puppies are also present.

SO.... my question for you is puppy? or baby? In a situation where both puppies and babies are in supply, which one would you notice? Which one would intrigue or delight you?


Rebecca Brown said...

baby. And, although we are biologically finished with babies, I also go through seasons of being bitten by the baby bug. We're mothers. It's what we love and who we know.

Fittsy said...

Stephen and I laugh a little cynically at how often people comment on our DOG when we're out walking as a family. Sure he's cute, but our babies are much more delightful. And I'm with you, though I do like dogs and cats, I would never ooh and ahh over them. It's also an encouragement to me to dote on the babies I see around. It always means a lot to me, so why not pass along the encouragement?

Matt Churnock said...

In a strick puppy v. baby situation it would be puppy, no contest. The one exception would be my kid v. any puppy, in which the kid would win. But generally any puppy is better than anyone else's kid.

Jessie said...

I think people find it easier to make comments about a puppy. I mean, it is certainly much safer. Most dog owners will definitely not mind you touching their dog or asking personal questions about it as a stranger. A baby, however, they might. I, for one, do not like strangers touching my babies (YIKES!!!) or asking me "is she a good baby? does she sleep well?" I find it annoying and of none of their business and I am maybe just a little bit leary of their interest...but maybe that's a NY thing ;-)

Abby said...

Rebecca, that baby bug- it'll getcha!

Bek, I know, right? Foster is great, but do they just not see Noble?! Murphy? (Elspeth says regularly, "I LOVE Murphy. She always smiles at me.") Libby? I know what you mean about appreciating the encouragement. I always envy people who can see my baby in the stroller while I push her from behind. What adorable thing is she doing now that I am missing? Peyton is especially fun because when people tell me how darling she is, I can say "I know! Isn't she precious?!" because when it's your own kid, you sort of have to at least APPEAR to be humble about these things ;)

Jessie! That cracks me up! That doesn't sound like you. I think you have been New York-ified! :) But you do raise a valid point. It never occurred to me that someone might be uncomfortable with me asking them about their baby. Maybe people notice the babies but feel inappropriate asking about them.

Matt, you and Ali are silly! Y'all loved Amabel and played with her all the time when she was a baby. She totally beat the pants off any puppy any day! And yes, your baby is particularly cute, so even if it was like the cutest puppy in the world, I vote for Jon every time!

Fittsy said...

I'm glad that Elspeth remembers Murphy. Leave it to the 3rd to think of the 3rd, right? I guess all 6 children will love on my imaginery number 4 (and 5??? ha!) in years to come!?!

The funniest thing about Foster comments, they often say that he fits well in our family because of his curls. They're so close to complimenting everyone else!

Renee said...

Baby. I always, always have baby fever. (But I am a sucker for puppies, too. Especially since Lydie squeals and squeaks every time we see one and her expression is SO fun!)

Anonymous said...

oh, my goodness....baby! No contest! I have to make myself pretend to be into puppies when I'm around them, just not to seem rude. Sometimes they are actually cute, but usually, just boring and annoying :)


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