Saturday, December 03, 2011

Something Extra On My Plate

Did I mention that I am working at the mall for  Christmas this year? I need to pay off my new Pottery Barn couch and make a little Christmas present money.  I enjoy the mall at Christmas. I actually do not enjoy being a shopper because there are so many people and it is pretty overwhelming to fight the crowds and guard your purse and try to remember all the places you need to go. I am very much more a click and ship type of girl. However, there is something to be said for old fashioned face to face interaction, lines to see Santa, Christmas carols coming through overhead speakers, and wishing people a Merry Christmas. I absolutely love working at the mall during Christmas.

Getting to work is a major headache and I often feel stressed and even ready to quit by the time I get there! But once I am there, I get into that "Jingle Bell Go-Go" ("You gotta go-go Christmas, don't stop the jinglin', yuletide dancing with Dancer and Prancer! Dancing all through the night- Christmas go-go go!") and somehow enjoy exercising dominion over the Kid Girl second line. I am grateful that for me the job is just "extra." Being a manager or someone whose livelihood depended on a retail job would be stressful, I think. I don't take myself or the store very seriously. On the other hand, I do want to be respectful and go by the rules. But, as you probably know, there can be a lot of drama in a retail situation- lots or power struggles and debates about the rules. The thirty-four-year-old (almost!) mother of three in me is very grateful that this job is the last thing on my list in terms of what is most important to me. If I had a strong opinion about which direction the sweaters should face or how the dresses should be hung, I might be in trouble! As it is, being a part time worker/ full time mom of three is a delightful setup. And hey, if you need a discount (only on new stuff though- wah--wah...), let me know!


Jessie said...

So, where exactly are you working?

lauren said...

this cracks me up b/c i applied at pottery barn last week! for the same reasons. :) are you working at pottery barn? but i don't think they have sweaters and dresses...i'm guessing janie + jack.

Jennifer said...

Happy late birthday and congrats to George! We just made a long trip to PA, so a trip to IA is not in the cards for us. But we will be thinking of you all and praying for you on Sunday! YAY!

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