Monday, September 17, 2012


Today I started my new job "like a lady in a florists shop." I'm Eliza Doolittle and George is my Henry Higgins, finding the gig for me and grooming me for the position. Only George isn't a selfish prig. He actually found the job for me when he went into the "florists shop" (as we will henceforth refer to it) to get me some flowers. While he was there he inquired about whether they were hiring. They didn't have the position posted, so it was mine for the taking. And I took it (after George helped me write a resume and boosted my morale out of mid-life crisis lows to just enough for me to stop in and give someone the resume. I was quite surprised the following day to be called in for an interview for that afternoon and to be given the job on the spot with no references or real proof of anything). I keep being told I have this winning personality by employers up here. I can tell y'all that because you are in on the joke. I'm really just a Southerner. I'm totally normal where I come from. But up here, I'm a superstar (read that last word the way Molly Shannon would say it if you don't mind). I actually tried to post something about homesickness the other day, but was unable to. I think it was Divine Intervention. Basically, it just gets a little lonely being the friendliest person around. But I don't want to complain which is why I'm glad the post wouldn't publish. I have learned that complaining doesn't just effect me. Like, I always thought that I probably shouldn't complain, but that it was only hurting my own personal journey of sanctification (or something). But now I realize that that complaining just brings everyone down. I think it took me being around people who complain more than me. More than me? Whoa. Scary! Anyway, I'm a fish out of water up here, but it happens to serve me quite well in job interviews. So I'm now gainfully employed at the florists shop.

And get this-- we have a shop cat! How fun is that?! We also offer the customers hot coffee or hot cider. It's all very cozy. And it is nice to be working for a small business where the owner hired you and would not have hired you if she thought you were an idiot so there are not all sorts of useless, one size fits all rules that make your role as a customer service agent impossible. Also, when you just look at all those buckets and buckets and buckets of flowers, it makes you so happy! (Except alstroemeria. I will never stop hating alstroemeria.) Mostly so far, I have just pulled off thorns and superfluous leaves from flower stems and attached cards and flower food to arrangements- ooh! and I made a delivery! But I've also only worked one five hour day. I'll let you know how it goes.

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