Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cake Mix Doctor Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I could have sworn I had put this recipe up before. A friend copied it for me from her cookbook a few years ago and I used it several time before I somehow misplaced it. When I went to look for it for Ellie P's annual Valentine's party this year, I could find it almost nowhere online. I even had to employ quotation marks and the minus sign in the Google search bar! So here it is, a great go to for a basic, super easy, chocolate buttercream for anything- even a box mix if you're in a pinch (which I was yesterday and tried, without doctoring, for the first time yesterday since college and was totally grossed out by! fortunately, the frosting received several compliments in spite of being paired with a flavorless, oily mess. coming soon: kid friendly chocolate cupcakes from scratch- when I find a good recipe!).

8T butter at room temperature
2/3c. unsweetened cocoa powder
3c. powdered sugar
1/3c. milk
2tsp. vanilla
1/4tsp. salt
- beat butter and cocoa powder until well combined
- add remaining ingredients and beat until frosting lightens and is fluffy
- add additional milk or sugar if necessary to achieve desired consistency

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Fittsy said...

So many posts since I last stopped by!

I'm sorry that your tastebuds have out grown box mixes, though I must say, I'm not surprised!!

I look forward to trying all these that you're posting. Thanks of sharing.


P.S. Regarding your pantry staples recipe below, you keep a well stocked pantry to pull that off without going to the store!! ;)

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