Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Party 2012- Angelina Ballerina Tea

Yesterday I made mention of Elspeth's annual Valentine's Day party. Her birthday is in September, right after August's birthday, which almost always falls conveniently (for a birthday that time of year) on Labor Day weekend. But with all the back to school madness, and then trying to get August's birthday party together, Elspeth kind of gets the short end of the stick when, the very next week, Mommy is trying to throw her party together and no one can come anyway with all they have going on. Last year, after several years in a row of having very little birthday party success for my dear one, I decided to give her a Valentine's party. Her ballet class last year was small and close knit so we had all the little girls "twirl on over" the Saturday before Valentine's Day. This is a post with pictures from last year's party, an Angelina Ballerina Tea Party. Saturday, we had a V"owl"entine's Party, but I actually didn't take any pictures! I'm so sad about it! But I'll try to make a post about it anyway.

 I chose this picture because none of the girls are looking at the camera but Elspeth and I didn't ask the moms if I could put the picture online. That little lady in the background is my buddy Emma from church who made the Angelina Ballerina cupcakes for me and stuck around to help with the party. Emma isn't all I borrowed from church; I snagged the cut glass plates and punch cups too. It's so funny to me that we have those at our church. I think I am the only one who has used them in years. We used tons of them for George's ordination party last December too.

The cupcakes were chocolate with strawberry icing. I am not a chocolate and fruit kind of girl, but I'm not afraid to eat icing by itself, and I must say that the icing "tutus" were delicious. As I mentioned in the last post, I am having trouble finding a chocolate cupcake that suits my tastes and also the tastes of children. Emma did a great job with these though! The Angelinas were adorable!

The rest of the menu included pink lemonade (Simply Lemonade- we love it!), pimento cheese sandwiches, cheese straw, and cut apples. Of course we had lots of cheese because that's what a mouse would have for tea! And we used a small teapot to hold flowers in the center of the table, though no actual tea was served- except sweet tea for the moms.

For party favors, I found this great little lot of brand new Angelina Ballerina card games on Ebay. I also had ballerina pencils from the ballet store in St. Louis. I had a bunch left over, along with some stickers I had gotten from a seller on ebay, from Elspeth's third birthday party that didn't quite turn out as planned. Lastly, I had this seller on Etsy make me a whole bunch of cutie ponytail holders to give out. I looked high and low for bags in the right shade of pink and finally found them at the grocery store, of all places, for about a quarter a piece. Hurray!

I don't have many pictures of the decorations that I can find. I have had these same lanterns since Elspeth turned one. The original piece hanging down was a 1, but I have changed it out several times. They are a little worse for the wear at this point, but they are perfect for an Angelina party because of all the similar decorations at Angelina's party in Angelina's Birthday. The Angelina piece here actually came from a paper doll book. We had a lot of smaller Angelinas from a peel and stick sticker book that we used to decorate placemats for everyone at the original Angelina birthday party that didn't quite work out. I am giving these details because Angelina Ballerina party stuff is hard to find, so these are ideas in case anyone ever needs them. Besides all of this, we just did a lot of streamers in shades of pink and lots of balloons as well. A good time was had by all!


annie said...

Looks like a darling party! You rock, Abby, at party planning. :)

Abby said...

Hey, thanks! You know what Mr. Elton says, "A party is a party, but a [Valentine's] party..." :)

mark lawrence said...

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