Thursday, May 16, 2013

I guess more should be said

As I listen more to this new album, it seems pretty clear that these guys pretty much think God (and the people who follow him?) is a jerk. Bummer. I fell pretty hard for a guy who was of a similar opinion my senior year in high school. Even then, although I wasn't cognitive of it, I had pretty substantial faith in the Covenant. I always had a strong sense that this guy would change his mind, so much so that I told him that if we ever lost touch, no matter what, he'd call me to let me know when he did. Of course, we did lose touch, but I have heard that he is a faithful follower of Christ now. That's pretty cool, I think. But, not knowing for sure, I'm guessing the members of Vampire Weekend haven't ever been a part of the Covenant community. I can see that not being part of an environment that regularly experiences and acknowledges God's grace and mercy would make it hard to deal with the feeling that "the world is a cold, cold place to be." Everyone has at least one point in their life where they have to reconcile that tension - sin and suffering in conjunction with a sovereign God. It seems that many people conclude that God is not good (I know lots of Christians that decided instead that God is not sovereign). The truth is, he's both good and sovereign, and I'm sad that people don't see that, though I understand the quandary. I think the Church is very certainly the best place to experience God's goodness, but there is also so much "bad press" out there that I can see that the Church can also represent a lot of ugliness and coldness. Nonetheless, what reminds me of my friend from high school is the talent. How can anyone so gifted not see the beauty and goodness God has given mankind? I maintain that the new album is fantastic. At least, it's musically lovely- compelling, actually. For a full day, all I wanted to do was drive around with the windows down and the volume turned up. But what is up with all the hate? A closer listen these last couple of days has provided a picture of the very contrast they seem to be dealing with- coldness (in the lyrical) in contrast to goodness and power (in the instrumental as well as the vocal). Like I said, I've fallen hard for these guys, but I hope they won't "die unbelievers." And who has bound them to the tracks of the train anyway? So much to consider- I hope they work it out!


Fittsy said...

It's hilarious that you're writing about Vampire Weekend here, right now. Last week there was a segment on NPR about their new album, and I thought, "I wonder if Abby listens to them. I bet she would love their music." It's silly that I thought you wouldn't know them, as you know tons more music than I, but I do love that I thought you would like them and you do, in fact, like them a whole lot! (SNF is a big fan, well of their first album, anyway.)

It's exciting that y'all are in the market for a Wrangler. You are going to be one cool Momma. I think of you every time I see one. Have you ever seen a Wrangler Sahara? I think they're very cool. SNF wants a Wrangler too, someday. Maybe y'all will match. (Though, I must say, it's unlikely he'll actually own one. There are lots of cars he thinks about, but only one brand he buys!)

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