Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It needs to be said

Vampire Weekend is awesome. This new album is awesome. I have no words. Clearly. But I am in love. Still. Three albums and we are still very happy together.

Okay, so, I feel kind of dorky and old most of the time. I don't really do fashion well and I'd look really stupid at a concert. Some of it is because I'm so pudgy, but truthfully, I've just never been cool. I find myself basically just hoping I can get away with stuff- can I pull these shoes off or are they for someone way cooler than me? Or do I just think these are cool sandals and really they're for middle aged moms? Is it bad that I still wear the same shade of Clinique lipstick I've worn since the ninth grade or does it still work (or was the problem that it was too old for me in 1991?)? Am I past my prime because I dont get some of the jokes on SNL anymore (or worse yet, as George and I noted after the recent New Balance "commercial," if some of the jokes are about me?!) Sweet George is currently trying to get us the car I had to give up long ago when I first became a mom. There is a part of me that thinks, twelve years later, I will look ridiculous riding in something other than a mom car. And I wonder if  the guys in Vampire Weekend would be embarrassed for me to know that I, a thirty-five year old mom of three who recently accidentally bought a pair of mom jeans (J. Jill "tried and true" fit! Do not buy! This is the second time they've gotten me! They fit right in the store, but they stretch out and then fit all weird and saggy!), am a big fan. But I looked them up, and they're not that much younger than us. They were all born before 1985, so that's not as bad as it could be. They probably don't even think thirty-five is that old (neither do I, of course, but I used to) Also, just a side note, most of the cast of SNL is about my age or even slightly older.

Anyway, back to the original point, Vampire Weekend is delightful- so says this SUV driving mom in Dansko sandals!

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