Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Christmas In July

So, I saw that Hallmark has a whole Christmas in July thing going on and I am totally bummed out because we don't have cable! But it did prompt me to make a list of my favorite made for TV Christmas movies for those that do. My mother-in-law turned me on to these about twelve or so years ago. There is definitely a degree of cheesiness, of not made for the silver screen-ness, of over the top Christmasyness. But there is also the flip side of that- cozy cheeriness, made for watching under blankets with a mug of hot chocolate, and over the top Christmasyness! In the last twelve years, I have seen a LOT of these movies. There are plenty of bad ones. But there are a lot of pretty good ones too. Generally speaking, anything with Candace Cameron Bure or Lacey Chabert  is going to be tolerable at the very least. I also tend to like anything with Alicia Witt in it.

These are not all available on Hallmark, but nonetheless, this is the "countdown" of my six favorites (six for the six months left until Christmas). Basically, I chose ones that to me were the most memorably enjoyable.

6) Holiday High School Reunion - This is a Lifetime movie. And evidently, it is also sometimes called Christmas Crush? Not sure what the deal is with that. It's about a girl who goes to her high school reunion and all sorts of Mean Girls like hijinks take place.

5) Trading Christmas - This is a Debbie Macomber Hallmark movie starring Faith Ford and Tom Cavanagh. It's about two people who trade homes at Christmas to get away from the things going on in their own lives-  it's pretty much The Holiday at first glance. But it has its own story.

4) Holidaze - This is an ABC Family movie starring Jennie Garth. ABC Family does pretty well with these! It employs the classic amnesia plot device. But don't let that deter you, it's not the same old story you've heard a hundred times. It's got a lot of cozy Christmas small town charm and Jennie Garth-esque quirk. This one is available on Netflix.

3) A Very Merry Mix-up - This is a Hallmark movie starring Alicia Witt. It is hard to say what it's about without giving anything away. I will say that it has a bit of a While You Were Sleeping vibe. But, and I know this is a big statement, it's better. It is!

2) Love at the Christmas Table - This is a Lifetime movie starring Danica McKellar. Winnie Cooper?! The beautiful thing about this movie is that it does have some Wonder Years qualities to it in that it is about a boy and a girl and their friends and families and the Christmases they spend together over the years. I still rank The Wonder Years as my all time favorite show so I am naturally going to be biased toward its leading lady (ooh, and did you hear Fred Savage has a new show coming to Fox?!), but I think it's just a really delightful movie. 

1) 12 Dates of Christmas - This is an ABC Family movie starring Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It is also available on Netflix. This movie employs the now popular Groundhog Day plot device- the whole living a day over and over and no one but you knows it is happening- for, right, twelve days. Again I say, ABC Family does pretty well with these! Plus, it's Zack Morris! Come on! How could it be anything but awesome?!

Alright, there's my top six. I should mention that an honorable mention goes to Matchmaker Santa, a Hallmark movie starring Lacey Chabert and Florence Henderson. My girls watched this movie with me this past Christmas and both of them seemed to think it belonged on the list. I couldn't remember it as well as the other ones on the list- but perhaps because I have only seen it once and I've seen these others at least twice. And a second honorable mention goes to A Snow Globe Christmas (not to be confused with Snowglobe which is kinda weird), a Lifetime movie starring Alicia Witt and Donald Faison. This is one George always goes back to as being one of the better ones he's seen with me, and again, I've only seen it once. But, as I said before, you usually won't go wrong with Lacey Chabert or Alicia Witt. Merry Christmas in July!

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Fittsy said...

This is hilarious! I had no idea there were so many Christmas movies available. So glad you can enjoy some on Netflix, since you know you're missing out on the cable opportunity.

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