Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The New Face of Blogging

I'm not sure why I've just spent a bunch of time putting pictures up of all the books I've been reading. I think it just may make it easier for me to find things, having all the text broken up a little bit.

I actually wonder a lot why I even try to keep posting at all. I haven't read many blogs lately (as in the last five years or so) and I have only recently realized how much the medium has changed! A few months ago, I wrote a letter to someone I thought was a little known Christian writer, that I thought I discovered all by myself, thinking that we might be able to become internet friends. I remember back in the days where I blogged a lot, I made friends with a few people just through the comments. It was fun! And I thought, "She's a pastor's wife, I'm a pastor's wife. She's a Southerner, I'm a Southerner. She's a mom of three, I'm a mom of three. She likes to write, I like to write. How fun!" Imagine how embarrassed I am to find that she considered it more or less a fan letter! She has over 200,000 blog followers! Wow! I had no idea! Needless to say, we haven't become internet friends. And maybe blogging was always obviously heading in that direction and I just didn't realize it. For me, it was originally intended to keep up with friends who were far away, and as it happened, a lot of the keeping up was one sided because it was, after all, my blog. So they knew what was going on with me, but maybe didn't comment or keep up in the same way. Fast forward a few years and blogs are completely one sided, not unlike any other publication, as opposed to a means of communication as I had previously thought. They seem to be pretty much a platform for self publishing, a way to generate publicity for oneself to the public at large. It's like all kinds of regular people are mini celebrities. It's strange. I kind of feel bad for these people to be out there like that, but maybe that's what they were after in the first place. It is not news to me that my ideas are a little off what the rest of the world's seem to be!

Anyway, I guess I just keep my little space here current for me- so I can have a place to record recipes and book reviews (or at least just the lists). There is the more recent realization that it is available to the world, and that sometimes "the world" is watching, which I have decided to be okay with because you never know when an old reader might need to look up a long lost recipe or someone who's lost touch wants to find you because you aren't on Facebook, but it has made me conscious of the need to be a bit more private than I was back in the days where it felt like it was just me and a few girlfriends. I heard from some folks down in Alabama that they found my blog when they were interviewing George. So I guess there's always the possibility that someone I've never met in my life is looking here trying to get to know a little about me, hence the idea that the world is watching. And anyone who knows me well knows that I am nothing if not honest and that I have nothing to hide. But that also means that I tend to put my feelings out there before it's safe. I think the realization that strangers could be accessing my blog and judging me (or my husband?) for it has made it feel like an imprudent place to share- and I guess that's why I feel sorry for the other people with the blogs that are followed by so many. Who wants to be a celebrity, even on a small scale? Not me! My skin is too thin!

Anyway, those are just my thoughts about blogging which is a bit like breaking the fourth wall, but I'm not sure you can do that without an audience, so I think I'm gonna me okay on this one :)

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